exhibition of metal and plexiglass pieces at Cleopatra's, Brooklyn, NY

Current Arrangement, or How It Looks Divided Up Like This

exhibition of half-inch maple plywood, brass hinges, cargo straps, temporary tattoos at Essex Flowers, New York (dimensions vary)

Rolling Ladder

steel, casters (49 x 20 x 90 in)


powder coated [misty purple] steel (32 x 32 x 40 in)

Shelves or Pillows

powder coated [toyota orange] steel, pillows (dimensions vary)

Leaning Sculpture

powder coated [pearl] steel (32 x 4.5 x 95 in)


4 Lights, wood, lamp wired bulbs (4.5 x 48 x 36 in)

Woman Wall with Amanda Friedman, wood, polyester batting, canvas, acrylic (80 x 30 x 40 in)

Combs, wood, canvas, vinyl (65 x 18.5 x 16 in)

Brick Wall

Wood, thin brick, adhesive, mortar (48 x 52 x 122 in)


Motorized, rubber tires, steel armature, plywood (28 x 28 x 65 in)

Pizza Flags

personal photo digitally printed on polyvinyl pennant flags (individual flags 9 x 12 in on 300 ft string)


clothes dryer, large rocks (36 x 36 x 42 in)

Memphis, Midnight

CNC-routed, laminated plywood (.75 x 48 x 96 in)

Eye Exam (for headphones)

2 channel audio recording of eye examination (10 min 26 sec)

Sawtooth 1

Wood (1 x 2 x 124 in)

Sawtooth 2

Wood (1 x 2 x 174 in)

Expanding Pegs 1

Wood (dimensions vary)

Expanding Pegs 2

Wood (dimensions vary)

Drying Rack 1

Wood (dimensions vary)

Drying Rack 3

Wood, cotton rope (96 inches tall)

Drying Rack 4

Wood, rubberbands (120 inches tall)

Drying Rack 5

Wood (dimensions vary)

Drying Rack 6

Wood (dimensions vary)

Drying Rack 7

Wood (36 x 14 x 37 in)

Light Structure

Wood, lamp wired bulbs (96 x 60 x 4 in)

Penta Screen

Wood (dimensions vary)

Oak Lattice

Wood (dimensions vary)


Wood (108 inches tall)

4 x 8 Sheet 1

Birch plywood (48 x 96 x .75 in)

4 x 8 Sheet 2

Birch plywood (48 x 96 x .75 in)

Walnut Ruler

Wood (dimensions vary)

Wood Arrangements

studio images


hand built ceramics, unfired and fired

Night Sculpture Projections

Daytime photographs taken in 2012 of Cornell Arboretum sculptures (1962), projected onto themselves at night.

Pizza Tree

Large pizza, tree (dimensions vary)

Brick Painting

Acrylic, gouache on matboard (2.5 x 8 in)
A dozen brick paintings sticky tacked onto brick walls around New York City

Candy Sprinkles

Candy sprinkles glued onto paper (8.5 x 11 in). Installationview, furthest left pieces were manipulated by licking the sprinkles

Lottery Tickets for Metal Detectors

5/8in. hex nut, $1 NY scratch off lottery ticket and penny in plastic bag, in an 8in. hole along the shoreline of Coney Island

Bread and Sticks

Bread, pear branches, bakery string (dimensions vary)

Carved Cheese Bear

Carved mozzarella cheese (5 x 4 x 6.5 in) before and after 2 months.


Bamboo plants from Chinatown (approx. 20 - 24 in. tall) planted at the beach.

Presidents' Day Surprise

Cast cement (10 x 8 x 18 in). Cement blocks were cast with impressions of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s faces into the edges of the blocks, and left on a construction site on President’s Day (every 3rd Monday of February)

Standing Fan

Standing fan and 3D glasses

Fire extinguished by axe, hammer, and potatoes

Fire, wood, axe, hammer, potatoes (dimensions vary)
My parents helped me start and extinguish a fire by forceful means. First my father used an axe to break up the logs. Then I used a hammer to crush and stub the smoldering or still flaming parts of the wood. My mother piled potatoes on top of the fire to smother and add moisture to the remnants. Everyone took turns taking pictures in the dark and the fire was successfully put out.

Sunset Slides

80 different sunset slide images in carousel (projection size varies per installation)
80 different sunset images transferred to slides, making sure that within each image of the sun, the brightest part of the sun was clear white and allowed the actual projector's light to shine through the image.

Fish Balloon

Latex weather balloon, helium, wire and rope basket, plastic capsule, balloon string, live goldfish (3 x 4 x 3ft). The goldfish was brought back safely and properly released.

Glass Bottom Fish Balloon

Latex weather balloon, helium, wire, plastic capsule, balloon string, live goldfish (2 x 2 x 2 in capsule)

Treasure Candle

1cm thick slices of cheddar cheese, glycerin, candle wick (8 x 8 x 5 in)
Cheese Ziggurat fully encased in a glycerin pyramid

Walking Barefoot in the City

2 foam carpet squares (12 x 12 in) attached one in front of the other to walk down the street, Brooklyn


Gerber daisies, West 21st street construction site (dimensions vary).
Flowers planted in a bag of dirt that Con Edison had collected from digging up a section of West 21st street. The construction was intended to fix a pipe under the road

Found Oranges

Found orange installation arranged by seagulls on the beach.

Winking Animation Installation

Acrylic on cotton (8 x 10 in single image). Detail, two frame animation of a business man winking, silkscreened over 40 meters of towel

Termite Project

Termite carved paper back book (5 x 7 x 1.5 in). book buried in a 15-gallon tank of mulch and termites after 4 months

Termite carved cardboard (6 x 7 in). termite carved wood grain stencil printed with a honey/Gatorade mixture onto cardboard and termite carved cardboard print

Termite carved dowel rod (1.5 in diameter), print shows 4 whole rotations


Slices of bologna placed in Nature (5 in diameter), Central Park

Candy Canes

Candy canes and twigs, active rail road tracks in Kentucky

Rock Tumbling

Rock-shaped ice cube rubbed back and forth in my hands, melting the ice cube, still images from digital video (8 min 04 sec)


Cut honey suckle leaves, 275 square (1/2 in) holes in a honeysuckle bush, monitored for 4 months

Meatloaf Simulacrum

German chocolate cake, vanilla icing, personal photos printed on sugar sheets (4 x 3.5 x 9 in)

Dog Box

Boston terrier, empty cardboard box. (22 x 18 x 18 in box), Couriered package delivered to dog

Bread Lamp

Hollow loaf of bread, functioning lamp (6.5 x 6.5 x 22 in)
Hollowed out bread in place of a lampshade over a lightbulb, the bread quickly dried and cracked over the lamp fixture while still maintaining its structure. (Image credit Marianne Rafter).

Rocks and Eggs

River rocks and eggs on fire escape

Tree Nets

Fishing nets in tree, dimensions vary

Beach Cactus

Cactus (7 in. height). Cactus planted on the beach against Coney Island horizon